1. Starting 4th April 2019 .
2. Every Thursday, each member will select either an AFL or NRL team of their choice they think will win that weekend. (Games from Thurs - Mon)
3. All results are after Extra Time.
4. If your selection wins then you progress to the next week..
5. If your team loses or draws then you are eliminated.
6. You can only select a team ONCE in the competition.
7. In the event that the remaining members in the Comp ALL select a losing team, then that round will be considered VOID and those remaining members will progress onto the following week.
8. In the event that more than 1 member is remaining after 20 weeks then a designated match will be decider by a point margin tiebreaker.
9. Only 1 Member can be Last Man Standing.

PRIZE $200 (added to your Final Dividend)

ANGUS storm/westcst/gws
BUCKET swans/broncos
DINO westbulld
DIZZY storm/westcst/gws
GLEN westbulld
GRAHAM dockers/broncos
JOHN storm/geelong
LEN swans/geelong
NATHAN westbulld
NEV storm/lions
RATSACK westbulld
ROCKET storm/raiders/rabbitohs WINNER!!!!
SPUDDA storm/cwood/westcst
STEVE hawks/rabbitohs/gws