Here's a few handy tips to help you improve your SportsBetting.

Sportsbetting has grown in popularity & there is so many sports to bet on. Whether it be individual or team sports, there are plenty of ways to bet on sport. Below are some general factors to consider when betting on sports.

1 Know who is in the Team Line-up
When betting on team sports make sure you know who is in the Team Line-ups before placing a bet. There is nothing worse than to think you have secured great odds on a team then find out their two star players are out injured.

2 Check the Weather Forecast
The weather can be a major infuencing factor in the outcome of a match with outdoor sports. When the rain comes down, the fluency of a match is affected & low scoring games are the norm.

3 Home Ground Advantage
The 'home' side in theory should not have an advantage but in reality they do. The reasons a home side has an advantage is due to a number of factors. They often have a better preperation for the game as away sides have travel to contend with. Also a home crowd can spur the side on to perform better & also on occassions the crowd can influence some referees in their decision making. In football, the home team is generally hard to beat.
As with golf, it is an advantage for a player to be on a course he is familiar with than a player who is playing it for the first time.

4 Something to Play for
In sports matches, some teams will be more desperate to win a match than others. This may be due to the game having a huge bearing on one team's season result & it may not affect the other teams season at all. Always look out for teams who really need to win a match to progress their season.

5 The Dead Rubber
Another time when there may be no motivation for a team to do well. If there is a 3 match series & a team has won the 1st 2 matches & effectively won the series then the 3rd match (the dead rubber) is of little importance. The team that has won the series may even rest players as the last match is meaningless in the scheme of events.

6 Injury Concerns
Players who play with niggling injuries should be avoided. For example in tennis some players would rather treat an injury & play on rather then miss a big tournament. Be mindful of players who are carrying injuries as they will not be able to perform at their best.