Here are some handy tips that will improve your betting on horseracing.

1. Follow The Success
As in all walks of life, there are people who are more successful than others.
Follow the Trainers who are proven at getting the winners.
Follow the Jockeys who have good strike rates of winners to rides.

2. Follow Quality Horses
These are horses who have a good win/place strike rate. Good horses win their fair share of races.

3. Horses For Courses
Horses will generally have a liking to certain tracks. Ignore the form when they run on unsuitable tracks. This can be studied by looking through a horses career form.

4. The Right Distance Range
Horses are often bred for running their best at certain distances. Horses with sprinting pedigrees will generally be suspect at running further than 1600m. Conversely horses with staying pedigrees usually start their preparations at shorter distances to what they are suited to so they can build up fitness. As the races get further there chances of winning are then enhanced.
Knowing what breeding is best at certain distances takes experience but you can start by taking note of the winners each week & seeing which sires are winning at certain distance ranges. Keep your own records as this can prove very helpful.

5. Track Conditions
This can sometimes prove tricky as all tracks can be different when rain affected. As a general rule there will be certain breeds who like the rain affected ground & certain breeds that need it dry to do their best. You can look through a horses career form to see if they have handled rain affected tracks previously.

6. You Need Value to Win
The easiest way to explain this is the odds of your winners needs to be connected to your strike rate. If your strike rate of picking winners is 25% then the odds you need to break even is $4.00. So if you back 100 horses over a period & 25 win at $4.00 then you are breaking even. If you the average odds you get is $5.00 then you are winning 25%. (25x$5.00=$125-$100=$25 profit.).
Punters who just back the favourite in every race will never get value & their strikerate of winners will not be enough to make a profit. Statistically, approximately 30% of Favourites win so you would need to get $3.30 odds for each favourite to break even. A lot of favourites start at $3.00 or less so unless you can selectively pick 40 winners per 100 then solely backing favourites is a hard task.

7. Record Your Bets
The best way to analyse your own betting is to record your bets. It's a good exercise & you can work out what your strike rate is (using your methods) & also what your average price winners are.

8. Create your own Winning Systems
Many factors come into play for predicting winners for horseracing. An excellent way is to create your own systems & run them through the computer to see whether they would have made a profit over the last couple years. This way you can see if your system has a valid chance of making a consistent profit in the future. What you need to do is create a system that gets a good strike rate of winners & also gets good value for the selections. It's a great way to put your punting into profit.

9. Don't bet on every Race.
Concentrate on betting only when you are reasonably confident about a horses chances. If you don't know the form of the horses in a race then don't bet. This will cut down on your overall bets & save wasting $ on guess bets.

10. Formguides & Ratings/Tipping Services
If you don't have time to do the form then an option is to subscribe to a reliable ratings service. There are many tipping services available at very low cost. Be careful of tipping services or systems that cost thousands of dollars as they are more than likely to be scams. You are better off creating your own systems that you can test for yourself or otherwise subscribe to a low cost service which you can test without wasting lots of dollars.