1.0. Membership
1.1 Persons must be over the age of 18 years to become a member of the "GunPuntersClub".
1.2 Before applying to become a member, applicants should read the Club Rules.
1.3 Application Form received from a prospective Member may be accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of The Manager.
1.4 Upon acceptance of an Application Form, the Manager will contact the prospective member with Account details of the Club.
1.5 The member must deposit their Membership Fee within Seven(7) days of becoming a member.
1.6 The Manager, at his discretion or if required by law, may require proof of age and/or identity from any member.
1.7 Upon receipt of the Membership Fee into the Club's Account , the applicant will be admitted as a Member of the Club for that current year.
1.8 A Full Member shall be allocated ONE FULL SHARE(1) in the Clubs Betting Pool.
1.9 New Members will be sent their "Welcome Pack" within 1month of joining the Club.

2.0 Betting Strategy
2.1 Each Saturday, 5 members will put bets on behalf of the Cub. Betting will be on horseracing & sports.
Horseracing (AUSTRALIAN) and Sports(WORLDWIDE)
2.2 Major races will be bet using a Member consensus approach.
2.3 On the Final Day of the Club (Melbourne Cup Day) the Club will bet on the Melbourne Cup.
All returns from the Melbourne Cup Day bets are added to the Club's POT.

3.0 Betting and Tipping on Horseracing & Sports.
3.1 Five(5) members will bet each Saturday (rotating basis) using Sportsbet Punters Club.
3.2 Returns will be added automatically to the Sportsbet Punters Club running balance.
3.3 Major Races will be bet by the Manager on behalf of the Club.
3.4 Selections for Major Races will be done by consensus of tips from Club Members.

4.0 Betting List
4.1 For major races, the Manager will compile & post the bets on the website by Saturday 12 noon.
4.2 All bets placed on Sportsbet Punters Club will automatically be displayed on that site.

5.0 Results
5.1 Results on major races will be displayed on the 'Betting List' page of the Website.
5.2 Results on the Sportsbet Punters Club site will be updated immediately.

6.0 Competitions & Prizes
6.1 Competitions & Prizes can only be won by Members of the Gun Punters Club.
6.2 The Gun Punters Prize is won by the Member who has the best Return on Investment % (ROI) in the Sportsbet Punters Club with his/her bets. Sportsbet Punters Club will have a progressive list of ALL Members and their ROI will be displayed.
6.3 To qualify for the Gun Punter Prize, the member must be an active member, investing minimum $250 in bets thoughout the year.
6.4 The Manager's decision is final when declaring ALL Prize winners & no disputes will be entered into.

7.0 Management of Financial Funds.
7.1 There are two(2) betting pools.
7.2 Each member will deposit to their own Sportsbet account, then transfering to the Sportsbet Punters Club.
7.3 Each member will also deposit funds to the Manager to bet on behalf of the Club on Major races, costs associated with running the Club, prizes and Social Day costs,
7.4 The Manager will display the returns from Major races on the Progress Total 'the POT' on the 'Returns' Page of the Website, to be viewed at any time by the members of the Club.
7.5 For major races, the Manager will have sole responsibility of placing bets according to the consensus of Tips received by Club members.
7.6 The Manager will place all bets in good faith & no liability will be accepted for mistakes or errors.
7.7. Returns from the Major races will be added to the Progressive Total 'the POT'.
7.8 At closing of Club for the year, each member will be sent a statement outlining the Final Dividend they will receive from the Club, which will be their share of the POT plus prizes won during year.
7.9 All Final Dividends will be transferred to all Members within fourteen(14) days of the completion of the Club.

8.0 Costs associated with running & managing the Gun Punters Club.
8.1 Prizes & Merchandise awarded to the Club Members.
8.2 Postage costs & any other fees incurred by Club.
8.3 Social day costs.

9.0 Withdrawing from the Club
9.1 All members have the right to withdraw from the Club for any reason.
9.2 Members must give notice of withdrawal to the Manager in writing.
9.3 Members who withdraw before the completion date will be charged a fee of 10%, which will be subtracted from their Payout amount.

10.0 Warranties and Acknowledgements
10.1 When agreeing to the Club Rules a Member acknowledges that they rely upon no Warranties made by the Manager except as set out in these Club Rules.
10.2 The Manager cannot guarantee the financial profits of the Club. The financial results of the Club will depend on how the members bets and tips perform over the 35 week period that the Club operates.
10.3 The Manager expresses no opinion as to the Income Tax status of any winnings made by the member. Such winnings may or not be taxable in the hands of the Member.
10.4 The Member acknowledges that joining the Club carries with it a degree of financial risk. This is a Gambling Club and it is possible that all funds contributed may be lost. The Member agrees that they will have no recourse whatsoever on the Manager for any loss of funds.

11.0 Example of how Final Dividend is calculated for Members.
20 persons join the Club at $15 per week each.= $11,100(Start Balance)
The Start Balance
LESS All bets invested, prizes awarded & costs of running the club.
ADD the total of the Progressive Total (POT). = Final Balance
Final Balance is divided by total number of members which would be 20 (in this example)
Therefore each Member would receive their share of the POT + any $ prizes from the competitions. (All Competition Prizes are added to each members Final Dividend.)