How the Gun Punters Club Operates
We have 2 Betting Pools.
One for Major Races and another using the Punters Club.
Each week, 4 members will bet on behalf of the Punters Club on either Horse Racing or Sport using the Sportsbet Punters Club. The running balance will be shown on that site.

The Major Races will be bet by the Manager and Weekly returns will be stock-piled (put in POT) for the end of year Final Dividends.
The Club will run in a similar fashion for the 35 weeks.

At the end of 35 weeks, the Punters Club will be closed and the Members Share will be automatically transfered back to each Member. The member with the highest ROI will win the Gun Punter prize. Members are also included in our Footy Comp, Sports Predictor Comp & also our Melbourne Cup Sweep.