Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gun Punters Club?
The Club is an on-line Punters Club made up of a group of people who pool their money together. The Club bets on the Members behalf each week on Horse Racing & Sports. The difference to other clubs is how the betting strategy it is set up & we are an ON-LINE Club. The betting activity is based on the following methods. Members own tips/bets. Being an on-line Punters Club makes it easy to access from any computer in Australia or anywhere in the world. Overseas punters are most welcome to join.

What is the advantage of being in the Gun Punters Club?
First of all, being a member of this club will change the way you look at betting. We follow a safe structured approach that gives your chances of winning & enjoyment a major boost. People who bet by themselves tend to have too many bets & lose discipline about their betting. They chase losses which can lead to disaster. We stick to a structured plan each week. Also we have included some great competitions for our members.

What is the aim of the Club?
The primary aim is for Punters to have fun with their betting for a small weekly outlay. Of course we are out to make a profit for our members, as much profit as possible. The amount of returns is largely based on how good the members tips are. A realistic aim is to double our starting betting pool. We are also trying to achieve the aim of helping punters enjoy their punting & having a real chance of being in profit with a small outlay.

What are the risks & rewards?
As with any betting, it all depends on how well we do as an overall club. Any club is only as good as it's betting strategies & it's members! Our realistic aim is to double our money but there is no set profit limit.
All betting or investment has some element of risk.
In a worst case scenario, you'd lose maximum $14 per week

What are the types of membership & how much does it cost to join?
By subscribing to the Club a person shall be known as a MEMBER.
Total Cost in 2017 is $490 to become a FULL financial Member.
You will not have to invest any more money for the rest of the year.
Note: Overseas punters need to cover the PayPal currency transaction fee by adding $20 to above membership fee.

Do the members get to bet like other punting clubs?
Yes, Five(5) members bet each week & it cycles through until everyone has a turn.
Also Members tips are incorporated into Bets for Major Races throughout the year.

How do I know who the Club is betting on?
Members can simply visit the Punters Club website to see the bets placed for the Week-end. (Horseracing & Sports)